Saturday, 14 January 2012

A conversation

Last night, on the way home from his child minders, Will and I had a conversation. An actual, two way, conversation.

It went like this...

Me: (talking because I was carrying him and couldn't sign) Did you have a good day?
Will: Nodding, yes
Me: Did you go to the park, see the ducks?
Will: Nodding, yes
Me: What shall we do when we get home? Shall we have kisses and cuddles?
Will: Shakes his head, no
Me: Well what shall we do then?
Will: Signs 'TV'
Me: You want to watch TV?
Will: Nodding, yes, signs again TV. Then signs Daddy with a quizical look on his face
Me: Daddy?
Will: Nodding, yes
Me: No, Daddy is still at work, but Mummy will watch TV with you
Will: Nodding, yes, OK.

Freaking AWESOME. Our first ever conversation.


  1. That is awesome!! And you have such a bright little guy there.

  2. Oh! That connection must have felt so great! I'm tearing up a bit...