Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Genetics Part 2: a resignation


1. the act of resigning.
2. a formal statement, document, etc., stating that one gives up an office, position, etc.
3.an accepting, unresisting attitude, state, etc.; submission; acquiescence: to meet one's fate with resignation.
It is with a heavy, heavy heart I resign. From having children. It is one of the hardest decisions I have ever made and I am still not certain about it. But I think it is the only real option. 
We, my baby daddy and I, carry duff genes. A tiny, tiny imperfection that doesn't affect either of us at all. But it affects our babies. 
 I have always, as long as I can remember, wanted 4 children. 

The diagram above makes it look like if I had my four children that just one of them would be unlucky enough to inherit our deaf genes. I wish that was true. What it really means is that every time we reproduce there is a 25% chance our child will be deaf. We have taken that chance twice so far and both of our children have been unlucky. That's 100%. 

Our children are fine, they will live normal lives and there really is very little that they won't be able to do. But the early years of their life are a lot of hard work for us as parents. Not to say all parents don't have their work cut out, but we are learning sign language, teaching sign language, conducting daily speech and language therapy. We are battling to get hearing aids kept in, replacing them when they fall out, watching constantly to see if they are being pulled out. We have 6 weekly hospital appointments for new moulds. We have 6 monthly hearing tests to attend. We have to catch our children from every fall that we can't prevent because if they hit their heads they could lose their hearing altogether. Not to mention all the energy we put into feeling guilty and into loving them so much to compensate that guilt.

It's exhausting. 

I can't do it another two times over. 

It wouldn't be fair on them and it wouldn't be fair on us as individuals or us as a couple.

And so, with bitterness, I resign.


  1. Love you darling. From Rebecca

  2. I was just thinking about this today. I won't pretend that my decision is anything AT ALL like yours but it's hard for me too to decide to be done. I know you know all the mushy stuff about being blessed and yada yada so instead I'll say it sucks. Over and over it sucks and I'm sorry for you.